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Cara Mengatasi Error Fotocopy Canon

Cara Mengatasi Error Fotocopy Canon

Error code E302-0101 Canon IRA6055, 6255

Cara Mengatasi Error Fotocopy Canon, Error in shading RAM access, or the shading value is either below or higher than the reference level. Performing the Reader Controller clear corrected both error codes. Level 1 Service Mode > Copier > Function > Clear > RCON and cycle the main power.

Error code E270-0101 , E061-0001

Description : Toner Supply Motor error Lock error of the Toner Supply Motor (M10)

1. Check the connection of the Connector. Motor side: J2037, Front side relay: J3080, Rear side relay: J3063, Main Driver PCB (PCB2) side: J117

2. Remove the Toner Container, and check if an error occurs. If an error does not occur, reinstall the Toner Container and check again. If an error occurs, check the driving area of connection point of the container. If an error occurs, go on to 3.

3. Replace the Toner Supply Motor (M10).

4. Replace the Main Driver PCB (PCB2). 5. Replace the DC Controller PCB (PCB1).

Cara Mengatasi Error Fotocopy Canon code E100-103

Kesalahan buka kunci BD Lasser terkunci tidak terdeteksi dalam jangka waktu tertentu pada saat start-up.

1. Check if the door is opened. Close the door.

2. Check the connection between the DC Controller PCB (PCB1) and the Laser Driver PCB (PCB35). DC Controller side: J471, J472, Laser Driver side: J5100, J5101, Relay Harness connection to Polygon Motor and BD PCB: J3011 3. Replace the Laser Scanner Unit.

4. Replace the Laser Driver PCB (PCB35).

5. Replace the DC Controller PCB (PCB1). NOTE: When condensation occurs inside of the machine or the Laser Scanner Unit, this error also occurs. When condensation occurs, leave the machine or the unit as it is until condensation disappears. (Use the machine or the unit in an environment where condensation does not occur.)

Cara Mengatasi Error Foto copy Canon IRA 6055, IRA 6255

  • Error code E012-0001
  • Error code E013-0001
  • Error code E014-0001
  • Error code E017-0001
  • Error code E020-0001
  • Error code E023-0001
  • Error code E025-0001
  • Error code E027-0001
  • Error code E041-0001
  • Error code E053-0001
  • Error code E060-0001
  • Error code E065-0001
  • Error code E066-0001
  • Error code E110-0001
  • Error code E121-0001
  • Error code E197-0001


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